17-18 October 2019, The Hague The Netherlands
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Building TYPO3 collaboration platform for CIO

ROI4CIO is a collaboration platform that allows IT managers, depending on the business needs and challenges, to pick up the most suitable IT solution, to calculate the budget for its implementation and the return on investment from the given IT solutions. The goal of the project is to calculate the benefits of IT products before they are introduced into the company and show feedback on the results of the implementation.

The first stage of the working process was the development of a solution that can be used as a single platform for gathering all information from the entire IT market. Next, we improved the complex logic of automatic calculation of prices and benefits and developed the communication between all project participants. The last stage was connected with the development of a neural network for the search of potential partners, suitable products and solutions, expansion of its portfolio.

Consequently, the platform meets the following requirements:

  • Security – the system contains and protects lots of confidential information about prices, profitability calculation, internal product features, etc.;
  • Fast Data Processing – the system provides a complex calculation for thousands of products in real time;
  • Scalability – the platform allows an easy extension for new regions;
  • Multilingualism – the platform can be used all across the EU and CIS countries;
  • Customizable – the platform provides an easy way to modify solution selection logic, calculations, parameters;
  • Supportable – the technology allows easy and unexpressive support in the future.
18.10.2019 12:00 - 12:45 Summit/Workshops Area 3
Talk TYPO3 Strategy Transformation

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