17-18 October 2019, The Hague The Netherlands
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The Hague has more to offer than The Fokker Terminal. Discover the beautiful palaces and royal buildings that The Hague has to offer. To give you a glance, we highlighted a few must-see places in The Hague!


Do you have limited time to see all of Holland during your stay? Don’t want to miss anything? In Madurodam you get an excellent overall impression and a unique Holland experience within two hours time! How great is it to tell your friends, family or colleagues that you saw The Netherlands within only two hours? Madurodam is also a nice way to get a little introduction and make a program to see the miniatures in real life!  

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Peace Palace

Admire the most photographed building in The Hague: the Peace Palace. The International Court of Justice and the Permanent Court of Arbitration are based here. This beautiful building and its organizations ensure that The Hague is rightly recognized as the city of Peace and Justice. The Visitors Centre of the Peace Palace has an impressive interactive exhibition on war and peace.

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Mauritshuis Museum

Vermeer's sensual Girl with the Pearl Earring hangs alongside masterpieces by Rembrandt, Rubens and Jan Steen. See how precisely Fabritius painted Goldfinch, made famous by the book of the same title by Donna Tartt. Or view depictions of the Dutch winter by painters such as Avezaath. The Bull by Potter is impressive. Located at a unique 17th-century palace, the Mauritshuis is a real must visit.

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Step through the famous entry gate into the historical Binnenhof (Inner Court) in the heart of our democracy. This is the place where the most important events in the nation's history took place. It is also where the future is being created. During a tour, take a look inside the House of Representatives and the Hall of the Knights where King Willem Alexander delivers his royal speech on Prince's Day.

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Shop till you drop

The Hague is the perfect city for shopping in style. As its name suggests, the Court District, is the perfect venue. You will also find typical Hague chic around Denneweg. Hip The Hague makes its mark behind the Great Church in Prinsestraat. In addition to the countless Asian delicatessens in Chinatown, the city centre has flagship stores such as the Bijenkorf and Hudson's Bay.

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City beside the sea

The Hague has 11 kilometres of beach in its back yard, which is certainly worth a visit. Enjoy a long beach walk, a day of paddling, strolling along the boulevard or building giant sandcastles beside the waves. The beach is also perfect for a variety of beach sports, from surfing to competitions in The Hague Beach Stadium. Beach life and city life go together in The Hague!

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Palace Noordeinde

The Hague has been the living and working residence of the House of Orange for four centuries. The presence of this long royal history can be felt everywhere. The King's working palace, Palace Noordeinde, is surrounded by the loveliest boutiques and most beautiful galleries. The palace may not be open to the public, but you can visit the palace garden at the back to steal a glimpse.

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Escher Museum

Mind-boggling! The works of the great Dutch artist M.C. Escher defy reality big time. This museum, a former royal winter palace, shows them all. The Netherlands' most famous graphic artist was a master at drawing illusory scenes. Water flows uphill, birds turn into fish and men walk endlessly up and down the same flight of stairs. Let your imagination run free at the Escher Museum!

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Panorama Mesdag

This magical, monumental painting of astonishing charm and beauty is the oldest panorama still on its original site. Look 360º around you and experience the magical optical illusion created by this panorama of Scheveningen from 1881. The view is never the same: the incidence of light is more than magnificent and changes from moment to moment.

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Enjoy the unique collection of paintings by Mondrian like his unfinished Victory Boogie Woogie, an excellent silver collection and painstakingly decorated Delft Blue. The realistic works of the Hague sea painters will evoke the smell of the sea. Admire the beautiful fields of clouds that typify The Hague School. Children can let go completely in the interactive Miracle Rooms. This is a museum of all ages!

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Please visit The Hague’s website for more must-see places: https://denhaag.com/en/must-see

Live like a local

Skip the tourist traps. Explore The Hague like a local and discover the best kept secrets of this beautiful city!


Clingendael is one of the most beautiful estates in the Netherlands. The park located between The Hague and Wassenaar has an eventful history. Since the sixteenth century, various garden and landscape architects have contributed towards the look and atmosphere of this country estate. In the 19th century the garden architect Zocher replaced the garden's original French design by the English landscape style that was so popular in those days. Later the garden was turned into an Old Dutch park and a Japanese garden was added to it. Behind Huys Clingendael residence lies a large playground and field where children play and families enjoy picnics. There are several walking routes you can follow and there is also a tearoom you can visit for a cup of tea or coffee with apple pie or an ice cream.

The Clingendael Estate is open all year round and freely accessible. The park can be reached by car via the Van Alkemadelaan and the Wassenaarseweg. Under no circumstance can cars be parked on the Clingendael estate. Bus lines 18 and 23 also provide a means to reach Clingendael.

The Hague Market

The Hague Market ('De Haagse Markt') is one of the largest multicultural markets in Europe. Antiques, foreign, modern, inexpensive, unique: it's all here at The Hague Market. The merchandise here reflects the multicultural population of the city. Walk through the food area where Dutch cauliflower is amiably on display beside fresh coriandar, baklava, sharon fruit, fresh fish and yardlong beans. Be delighted by the extensive flower market and feast your eyes on the clothing and footwear section.

The market is visited by approximately 35,000 people, four days a week. The Hague Market is primarily known for its large range of exotic products, although it does have a very diverse range. From fresh vegetables, fruit, fish and meat to herbs and from women's, men's and children's clothing to electronics.

After a period of thorough renovation, the Hague Market officially reopened in 2015. New, more luxurious stalls, innovative, hip business owners, more food service outlets and wider walkways make the market even more attractive for visitors.

James Turrell - Celestial Vault

A truly amazing experience: lying in the "Celestial Vault", a big artificial crater in the dunes of Kijkduin. Immerse yourself in this work of art and gaze at the sky like you've never done before!

In the dunes, where light can have such a tangible presence, artist James Turrell created a place to gaze at the sky. At the top of one of the rubble dunes, a bowl in the shape of an ellipse has been built, 30 meters wide and 40 meters long. A wall of earth, approximately 5 meters high encloses the bow.

In order to reach this artificial crater you first climb up the dune on wooden stairs and then walk through a six meter long concrete passageway. The slopes on the inside of the crater have been sown with grass and a monumental natural stone bench is in the middle on which two people can lie back and observe how the sky is a vault. A similar bench is located on a higher dune where a panorama unfolds over the sea, the beach and the flat countryside beyond. In the direction of the horizon, the vault gradually becomes flatter.