17-18 October 2019, The Hague The Netherlands
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Summit aimed at higher education

  • Learn the challenges that universities have occurred and how can we solve it.
  • Get in touch with pears.
  • Grasp new possibilities from TYPO3 CMS 9/10, integrate with TYPO3, and learn what the future may bring to us!

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The Higher Education Package

The Higher Education Package is specifically designed to meet the demands in higher education. It is a purpose-built "all-in-one" package for higher educations. Also, it provides a cost-effective platform which is secure, accessible and always up-to-date to you. During the summit from the Conference, higher institutions such as Eindhoven University of Technology, Clausthal University of Technology will share their experience with TYPO3 CMS. Come and meet with peers from other universities, they will be happy to share their knowledge with you!

Key facts and figures

  • TYPO3 is an Enterprise Content Management System (CMS). If you need to create and manage all sorts of digital content, TYPO3 is your solution. It excels in massive multi-website and multi-language setups. It can facilitate complex and typical content of challenges at higher education institutions.
  • TYPO3 has advanced content management features for big platforms like Universities. 
    • Roles and rights structures, workflows in place for every editor.
    • Every individual department can edit their own content.
  • TYPO3 is a safe and secure package with a solid roadmap ahead!
  • TYPO3 has strong integration with interesting third parties like Elsevier Pure, SiteImprove and many more.

The Higher education / Universities Summit Program

Start the day with the main T3CON keynote, followed by the exclusive Higher education / Universities Summit sessions and networking opportunities. Close the day with a joint T3CON panel on the business value of open-source.

Higher education / Universities Summit Schedule:

Session Speaker
From technical to cultural change Michael Brinkwerth, Clausthal University of Technology / TU Clausthal

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The Higher Education / Universities Summit Sessions

From technical to cultural change

Michael Brinkwerth, Clausthal University of Technology / TU Clausthal

The Clausthal University of Technology had the same website for more than one decade. The challenge was not only the graphic renewal of the web design, but also a cultural transformation for the whole university. The result is a new user experience, new content models and technically up-to-date system.

Continues optimization with TYPO3 for Universities

Tja-Lin Mei, Online Expert / Digital Project Manager at Eindhoven University of Technology

Join your peers for a day of valuable insight into the strategic value of your IT