17-18 October 2019, The Hague The Netherlands
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Did you work on your Digital Strategy today?

Are you wondering what a Digital Strategy is? Are you struggling with your companies’ digital strategy? Are you currently working on a Digital Strategy? Then this talk is for you.

When working on a Digital Strategy most people experience their first frustration when they realise that there’s no standard way of transformation. But do not despair. There are guideposts and approaches that will help you finding the way. One of the most important insights is that you must make your Digital Strategy work at the speed of digital and not vice versa. Thus one of the biggest mistakes in Digital Strategy is too much planning and too little action.

By looking into real world examples and stories of success & failure we will make good use of the following quote: “A good strategy begins not just with asking questions, but with asking the right ones.”

18.10.2019 16:40 - 17:25 Engine Room
Talk Strategy

* without prejudice, speakers and sessions are subject to change